Fucked by my best Arab buddy


After an evening out with friends, Tim and Kamzouz decide to skip the disco, exhausted by their fatigue. Far from wanting to end the evening in the traditional way, Tim decides to prolong the moments with young Kamzouz at his place. Between shared drinks and daring discussions, the atmosphere between them quickly becomes electrified, leading to an unexpected intimacy.

In a spontaneous move, Tim captures Kamzouz’s attention with a passionate kiss, setting off a chain of unforeseen events. Gradually, the evening takes a more intimate turn, and Tim finds himself greedily exploring his friend’s intimacy. Admiring his partner’s imposing size, Tim is fascinated by this first experience with an Arab man, Kamzouz surpassing all his expectations in terms of virility.

Tim’s curiosity turns into a burning desire to feel this power inside him. His wish comes true when Kamzouz offers him an unforgettable experience, dominated by impressive vigor. The force of the deep blows leaves a mark on the mind as well as the flesh, leaving Tim in a state of bliss mixed with astonishment at the intensity of their exchange.

Every movement is a concert of sensations, with Tim’s moans of pleasure testifying to the power of this extraordinary physical and emotional connection.